* It is important to know the investor in the Investment Advisory service, to make the risk / return analysis correctly and to present the investment strategies and alternatives that best suit the needs of the investor. Investment Consultants; they work in coordination with domestic markets, foreign markets and research departments to turn analysts and traders into analytical and anticipatory investments and then turn them into private investment recommendations. Investors' buying and selling decisions are also made by investment advisors.

* We are at your service with teammates who are composed of lawyers and investment specialists and who closely follow the market.

* We aim to meet our shareholders and stakeholders at higher values ​​by constantly increasing our service quality with the active approach we show in informing and the sensitivity we show in lightening.

* Investors may need their own knowledge and expert opinion and support in the investments they make in money and capital markets in today's rapidly changing market conditions. The investment consultancy service aims to help investors decide and implement this requirement. While providing investment consultancy services as Anadolu Yatırım, our aim is to make investments in the direction of risk preferences and to offer the best alternatives.


Our goal in this service, which we have dealt with extensively; helping our customers speed up their export operations and helping the firm to be minimally affected by increasing exports and market share from economic fluctuations and financing problems.

Country Profile and Sector Research Service
All technical, economic and sociocultural data related to the country to be exported are collected and analyzed and presented in a summary report to our customers. Our technical infrastructure and equipment will be searched by our experienced specialists to the most detailed detail of all the data related to the desired country of trade, taking into account the criteria and expectations of the company we are primarily consulting with, and providing all the information about procedures, technical barriers, quotas, socioeconomic and cultural structures , we are aiming to minimize the loss of time-labor and cost.

Sales and Marketing Service
The struggle to open up the international marketplace is to be able to adapt the experiences of the firms in the internal market to the conditions of a new country and new customers. In this context; Sales and Marketing is a full-service service that begins with Market Researches, including competition analysis and selection of target market, modification of product / services, packaging / label revisions. The aim of this service is to help our customers make the right decisions by presenting all the data related to the market and products they want to enter, market risks, competitive advantages and disadvantages.

Pricing Service
One of the most important elements of exports is pricing. In general, export product and service pricing differs from domestic market and can be much more complex. At this point, our company will be able to compare the prices of the international market by adding the production and sales costs, customs and logistics costs and additional costs (translation, consultancy, distributor profit margin etc.), taking into account the quality and standard values ​​of the products belonging to the customer. provides a report that provides the most appropriate pricing.

Strategic Partner Finding (Matching) Service
We are aiming to gather our customers with the most suitable company or persons in terms of investment or international trade as a result of collecting information about Firmman's Infrastructure, Product / Service Features and Export Targets, analyzed by our experts. Our company, with its expert staff, provide matching services for investments to be made in Turkey of foreign firms, providing besides our clients that the firm mappings also overseas business partners for investment to be made abroad.

Delivery and Payment Shapes
Delivery and Payment Shapes are among the most important considerations for a foreign trade transaction and they provide a guarantee for the receipt of payments in trade and / or the delivery of goods. Our foreign trade specialists are assisting you in guaranteeing your trade by supporting you with the Delivery and Payment Shapes from the start of your interviews with your customers.

International Contract Preparation Service
International contract preparation service in a professional way through our international trade experts, our foreign trade experts in our company, and our lawyers specializing in international trade law, depending on the company and the business made, depending on the type of international trade, investment, product / service groups, delivery and payment forms.

Export Financing Consultancy Service
Financing of exports is a very important issue for almost all companies. In situations where the importer wants to keep the payment time longer or in the preparation phase of the export, we offer services that can be used both financing needs before and after the shipment for the production of goods subject to export. In addition to this, the financial risk assessment of the buyer is made by our specialists and presented to our customers.


It is a comprehensive mapping service that we provide for importing and renting products or services with sufficient quality, the right price, the most reliable and optimum time to deliver to our customers.

Product and Manufacturer Research Service
It is a service that we provide to find the products and producers you want with our specialist staff and our service network scattered all over the world. In this process, producers are found, samples from the manufacturers are requested, technical values ​​and certificates are evaluated and the analysis is completed and the customer is presented with a comprehensive report.

Price Research Service
Samples and report are the type of service we provide to capture the target price of the approved product. After confirming the correctness of the declarations of the producers; bids are collected and the customer is reported. Preliminary agreements are signed with the manufacturer after confirming the prices collected.

International Contract Preparation Service
For our approved price and quality product purchasing operation, our specialist lawyers are in the process of drafting a contract that will protect your importer client's rights in the international solution platforms. contracts that are prepared in accordance with internationally binding laws are signed by the manufacturers and importer companies under the responsibility of our company.

Quality Control and Delivery Service
In order to ensure that the procurement of the quality promised by the producer firm is confirmed by our global partners in the form of a contract that has been officially recognized, a supervision is carried out in all directions at the production site. Products that are of continuous quality; the contractual conditions and the technical value of the undertakings, our company is responsible for the delivery in whole or in part and in accordance with the request of the customer in the direction of the request.

Payment and Delivery Shapes
Payment and Delivery Shapes; the decision to transfer money between importers and exporters and the allocation of shipping responsibilities. Our company provides consultancy services for the determination and implementation of the most secure delivery and payment scheme for the importer company considering the legislation and related provisions. Our customers are provided with consultancy services for determining the most appropriate combination of delivery and payment forms by calculating the volume and trust relationship between the two companies in this regard.

Import Finance Consultancy Service
Exporters prefer to pay cash in the purchase of goods cost of importers firms face the cash problem. Our company provides analytical support service for the loan of credit, bank acceptance and financing of imports for export, which can solve the problems of financing both before import and after import.


It is the kind of service we produce that directs the management mechanisms of foreign trade firms to stay in the game under the rapidly changing market conditions. In order to facilitate and accelerate the adaptation of companies to economic, social, political, cultural and technological changes, we can collect our "Global Management Consultancy" service under the following headings:

Foreign Trade Department Installation Service

It is the service we provide for companies that want to take the risk of domestic market with foreign trade operations to a portable level. It is the process of establishing the team and the infrastructure that will carry out an efficient and efficient foreign trade operation in line with the needs of the company and production capacity. This service includes the establishment of the expertise, training and internal adaptation of specialized foreign trade personnel.

Investment Opportunities and Business Development - Development
We are the service that we want to do abroad, we search the possibilities related to foreign investments and offer them in comprehensive reports. Incentives and facilities provided by foreign states for the subject investment; sector, product and region data. The proposals that we prepare to contribute to the regional development of the countries by reducing the costs are turned into detailed reports and an investment project is prepared accordingly.

Project Management and Feasibility studies
It is the process that is followed to pass the approval of the investment project. Feasibility studies are a service we provide for the efficient use of resources and the step-by-step monitoring of the project to realize the approved project.

It is the process of establishing the work flows in the firms that the firm regards as competitors in the sector, preparing the productivity analyzes and determining the points that need improvement in the firm and programming the necessary infrastructure changes. Strategic measures, process or performance measures are examined separately and a comparison is made and the firm is reported. After the comparison with the peer companies, a new model to be applied is designed and applicability is investigated in all measurement dimensions.

Risk management
It is the whole of the work done for the determination of the risks that may be encountered in all the foreign trade processes of our client and for making them more acceptable. Foreign exchange rates, external fluctuations such as economic fluctuations, stock management, investment or market risks; or internal risks such as work flows, productivity, etc .; it is our service that we report to our customers what to do to detect weaknesses of the company and to eliminate all these risks.

Training and seminar services are very important for ensuring the sustainability of the efficiency and efficiency of foreign trade.

By organizing national and international training and seminars; we aim to eliminate the shortcomings of our customers in foreign trade. Our customers participating in our training and seminars will be helpful in completing their deficiencies in foreign trade and giving them a positive impetus. Our main training and seminar topics are:

Basic foreign trade information and correspondence techniques

Market research and management techniques in foreign trade

Costing and pricing techniques in foreign trade

international branding, patent and license rights

Foreign trade financing

Our company provides this service with its experienced expert cadres who know the legislation, implementation and bureaucracy at the highest level in terms of customs and foreign trade. our customers; At the project and application point, we offer the highest level of access to foreign trade, with the least cost and risk transfer of goods and money, elimination of judicial and administrative disputes, convenience and advantages provided by legislation.

Foreign Trade Legislation

Foreign Trade (Import, Export and Foreign Exchange) Legislation support service that we offer with our experienced specialists in order to avoid the time lost of the complications arising from the Foreign Trade Legislation and to prevent the additional costs.

Customs and Free Zone Legislation
It is a service offered by Ideal in order to raise awareness of the companies from the customs legislation which is changing in parallel with the developing foreign trade and to reduce the error margin to the minimum. The product includes consulting services on legislation related to Free Circulation Entrance, Transit & Transfer and Free Zones. We offer our customers the experience of the Free Zone, which has been around for many years.

National and International Official Document Attachment and Certification

National and International Official Documents Follow-up and Certification Service is a service that we provide for the follow-up and establishment of qualified documents, quality documents and certificates as well as commercial documents required for companies to export-import.

Incentive Legislation and Financial Advisory Service
In addition to incentive support subsidies and various tax reductions given by the state and various institutions for the development of foreign trade, all support is consulting and implementation support for government grants, loans and EU funds.


In addition to our Foreign Trade, Legislation and other Support Consultancy services to minimize the problems encountered during the Foreign Trade Processes, our other service area is to manage and implement both export and import operation processes in order to reduce and speed up the workload of companies.

Operation procedures are carried out by our experts according to the demands of our customers and Customs Services are carried out through our partner companies in accordance with all relevant legislation and procedures.

Promotion and Support
Consultancy Service, Advertising, Fair, Translation and Translation services which provide promotion of companies in foreign trade and share in the market. Advertising Service In line with our customers' wishes; managing advertising investments on an international scale, making the most cost-reducing advertising, and facilitating all kinds of transactions that will help facilitate access to global markets.

Fair Service
It is a service to orient our customers to events such as trade fairs, conferences, congresses. Investigation of sectoral, regional and international fairs in accordance with the directives of our customers is the process of sending the details of the participating fairs to our customers. In addition to this, Who can not attend or participate in trade fairs on behalf of our customers, our team of experts representing the participating troops via Turkey or taking part in the exhibition, the catalog helps customers process is delivered to the exhibitor.

Translation and Translation Service
Translation of all kinds of documents, documents and documents in a conference, fair, congresses, conferences, conferences with foreign companies, translation from one foreign country to another under the control of our expert team; the business culture of the focusing country, the service provided by our expert team who has adopted traditional items.