Package Tour 3 Nights

Day 1 Istanbul >> Kiev 22 Agu 2018 Wednesday The flight time is extremely short, so we can start exploring the city on the first day of the Kiev tour. Day 2 Kiev 23 Agu 2018 Thursday On the second day of the Kiev tour, we start by walking in the Mariyinsky Park. Day 3 Kiev 24 Agu 2018 Friday On the third day of the tour of Kiev, our first stop is the National Chernobyl Museum. Day 4 Kiev >> Istanbul 25 Agu 2018 Saturday After the breakfast in the morning, you can complete your departure process and leave yourself on the streets of the city after you have evacuated the rooms.You can sip your drink in the cafes of the city for a small stroll until the time of your arrival. Prices include services Bed & Breakfast Accommodation flights Airport Taxes Airport> Hotel> Airport Transfers Occupational Liability Insurance Services not included in the prices All extra excursions during the tour If paid, all catering services in flight All your personal expenses The city tax (tax)

549 USD


With the Panoramic City Tour, you will get a clearer sense of where you are going to be visiting and staying in the city. During our trip we will see Haghia Sophia and Mikhailovsky Square, Mikhailovsky Church, Opera House, Parliament Building, Liberty Square, Golden Gate, Friendship Sculpture and Padol district.

25 USD


The monastery is one of the largest monasteries in the former USSR. Foundation XI yy. They are moderate. In history, the monastery covered 27 hectares of land. It consists of two parts, the upper part and the lower part. Today, there are 18 churches in the monastery. 12 of these churches are located on the ground, and 6 of them are located in caves under the ground. These caves are used as graveyards where the saints who lived in the monastery are buried. These saints are considered sacred. Therefore, Slavic Orthodox Christians from many parts of the world are visiting this monastery and reaching the pilgrimage place. Also in the monastery there is the FINE ARTS MUSEUM and the MIKRO MINIATURE MUSEUM with no other partners in the world.

40 USD


A complex that was built to commemorate the Second World War victory. It consists of open and closed parts. On the open side, the Soviet army used warfare, tanks, rockets, etc. in Afghanistan and World War II. It is exhibited. The closed part consists of 3 cats. We will have a chance to see the original documents and tools of the 2nd World War closely. In this organization, all kinds of technical and woven materials related to the war are exhibited.

40 USD


Between the 16th and 17th centuries, the region has a historical atmosphere of life. Peragovia, one of the biggest open air museums in Europe, is made up of villages where historic local houses are located. In the museum which covers a land of 150 acres, we will encounter local people dressed in house supplies, craft workshops and stalls of daily life of various objects and old costumes.

40 USD